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Muc-Off Silicone Shine 500ml

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Muc-Off Silicone Shine 500ml

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Muc-Off Silicone Shine 500ml

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At Muc-Off we�re big into being active. Whether it�s on a mountain, trail or at the skate park, we just love to be outside and going big. We�re obsessed with making the most innovative care products around to keep you and your toys running at their maximum and making them look like new when you�re done! Muc-Off is now the go-to brand for top riders and racers from the likes of Steve Peat to Force India. And, in case you haven�t noticed, we do a bit more than our original pink cleaner these days. We�re always cooking up something new, and all our ideas are developed in our in-house, state-of-the-art R&D Center. After hes cooked up something new, its tested by our in-house boffins and riders to ensure every Muc-Off product is simply the finest in the world. Once were happy, the formula will go out to our pro teams for their final feedback. Only then will we put the product into production for the world to enjoy. Benefits - Protects and leaves a sparkling shine on metal, plastic & rubber parts. - Reduces friction on fork stanchions and rear shocks - Silicon formula prevents grime build up on treated surfaces - Cuts down on future cleaning and maintenance Muc-Off Silicon Shine is an all in one spray for your bike! Not only will it leave your bike looking factory fresh in seconds, it is also able to reduce friction for suspension parts and reduce the risk of dirt adhesion. Once your bike is completely clean - spray Silicon Shine onto your fork stanchions and rear shocks to experience a silky smooth ride. Directions for use: Step 1 - Shake can to activate silicon formula and apply Silicon Shine to a clean surface. Step 2 - Using a microfibre cloth, buff the surface to leave a dry, sparkling shine. *Just remember not to apply Silicon Shine to your bike�s tyre treads and braking surfaces!

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